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The first time one of the children gives him that narrow-eyed look, Booster Gold feels a flutter of unease. The girl says, "I thought you were Green Lantern" and the time-displaced super gives Skeets a look of pure panic. A quick glance down at his costume affirms that he's still wearing the Goldstar armor (and he's still annoyed at himself for getting tongue-tied over his alias), so Booster just gives the girl a nervous laugh.

"Green Lantern is still speaking with the fire chief," Skeets reports.

"Why don't you let him know he's got a fan waiting to meet him," Booster suggests, then quickly amends, "as soon as they're done."

"Yes, sir!"

The girl smiles brightly, and Booster manages a genuine smile back.

* * *

It's only later, pacing in his apartment, that Booster lets the worry show. He pulls off his visor and runs shaking hands through his hair. "How did she know? I made sure this costume didn't look anything like the Corps uniform... Residual projection? Temporal feedback? It's possible that she could be psychically sensitive and picking up on my memories subconsciously... Hmm."

"Or she could have been genuinely mistaken, sir? Human children make errors," Skeets notes. Booster exhales, blowing his bangs up off his forehead momentarily.

"You're right, Skeets. One incident doesn't indicate much. She might even be colorblind!"

"Indeed, sir."

* * *

"Don't even start, Skeets!" Booster yells, heading for the primitive excuse for a personal computer available in this time. He boots it up, waiting impatiently for the machine to display its desktop. "It's statistically improbable for this many children to be latent psychics! Or colorblind, or whatever other theory we've floated. Somehow, they know!"

"That is what's improbable, sir. And it makes you seem paranoid."

"We can't risk anyone figuring out the truth. You know I was forbidden from undertaking this mission to the past." Booster starts typing, often having to backspace and retype. Stupid keyboard. "The Goldstar... Booster Gold persona is supposed to minimize paradox. Paradox alerts them. We can't afford to have ISTA on my trail."

"I understand, sir. But what can we do?" Skeets asks, somehow managing a patient tone his voice simulator wasn't equipped to mimic. (Being the companion to the last of the 25th century's Green Lanterns requires improvisation.)

"I have to disassociate myself from Green Lantern traits," Booster says. "Let's see... Selfless, patient, brave, sacrificing... "

"So you're going to... Act like a brat? And a coward?" Skeets asks.

"Brat should get close enough," Booster replies. He flashes Skeets a nervous grin. "Vicky Vale will love ripping me apart for that."

"If you say so, sir."
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*snicker* Oh, man, that's adorable. "It's statistically improbable for this many children to be latent psychics!" I want a t-shirt with that on it, no context added.


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