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Title: Space Age: Inquisition
Author: D.L.SchizoAuthoress
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Shouldn't really be any; I did a setting transplant.
Warnings: strong language, soft sci-fi bullshit (I told you...)
Word Count: 1075
Summary: Two Tevene meet up in a tavern. Nobody gets what they want.
Word of the Day: .fainaigue , verb:
1. To shirk; evade work or responsibility.
2. To renege at cards
Note: Here's my secret, Cap... I really only care about the MOGII folk from Tevinter. >.>
This is the first part of an experiment to see if I can reimagine a quasi-medieval setting in space, just for fun.

Space Age: Inquisition

"Do you know this... Qunari?"

"Know me?" the Iron Bull said incredulously. "Krem works for me. So keep walking, Vint. Nobody wants what you're selling."

"Chief, it's not--" Krem tried to protest. This was highly irregular. The boss usually left them alone when potential clients approached them, but this time Krem had barely gotten out his name.

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Title: It Has to Be Hurt
Author: D.L.SchizoAuthoress
Rating: PG
Spoilers: a bit of companion banter in "Dragon Age: Inquisition"
Warnings: Romanced!Dorian because that's how I roll; angst, obviously
Word Count: 1811
Summary: What is the function of a wooden duck? Dorian is reminded of a childhood incident.
Word of the Day: bird-dog, verb: To follow, watch carefully, or investigate.

Note: It might be a little awkward, but I'm referring to the player character as only "The Inquisitor" and not going into much detail about him. Y'all don't seem to like it when I write about my particular Quizzie.

"To listen is an effort, and just to hear is no merit. A duck hears also."
-- Igor Stravinsky

It Has to Be Hurt

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