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Why, why, why, why, why do recent remakes of scary movies always have to include violence toward dogs??

Seriously. Legend made me bawl my fucking eyes out after the German Shepard got infected, and Neville had to strangle her when she started to turn.

And now Quarantine...has a fireman killing an infected dog with a sledgehammer. No, they didn't show it onscreen, but fuck, you guys...there was this heartbreaking 'yelp' from the dog after the hammer came down.

(I also try to pretend that the convoy in Planet Terror never included a it never got run over by El Wray's truck upon jumping out of the convertible for no good reason.)

Ugh. I mean, come on! I love horror movies. I love to be scared, to get my pulse racing -- but I do not like to fucking cry over animal suffering. True, aside from the first movie I mentioned under the cut, the scenes were brief and none of them were terribly graphic, but I not want.

However, I was satisfied by watching the lead character in Quarantine have a complete meltdown, as I predicted, because it was fun to imagine that she was Deb Morgan from "Dexter"... (I'm cruel.) But aside from my own weird jollies, she was pretty awesome -- a really good, convincing actress.
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