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Title: Let Them Make Cake II
Author: D.L.SchizoAuthoress
Rating: G
Spoilers: none, this is a bakery AU
Prompt: For my "alternate take" fic meme, Daggerpen asked "any chance of some Baking Graysons POV on the Devil’s Food Bakery's order passing?"
Warnings: Dick Grayson is in grudge-holding mode and thus a jerk.
Word Count: 803
Summary: Roy is a decent fellow, and he hates to take sides.
Word of the Day: palter, verb:
1. To talk or act insincerely or deceitfully; lie or use trickery.
2. To bargain with; haggle.
3. To act carelessly; trifle.

Let Them Make Cake II

Roy heard the phone ringing in the back and worked just a little faster to box up the cake his current customer had requested. “Grant!” he called to the cashier, “Ring Mrs. Dibny up for me? Call coming in.”

He flashed her an apologetic smile, but the lady made a shooing motion with her hands as she smiled back — ‘go, go! answer that call!’ — and Roy felt better about slipping away. He ducked into the office and picked up the receiver.

"The Baking Graysons, Roy speaking. How may I help you?" Roy recited the basic set greeting.

"Roy!" a familiar voice said, in a cheerful tone that struck him as strange, "Glad it’s you. Danny Chase here."

"Hello, Danny," Roy replied.

Danny sounded a little nervous as he explained his reason for calling. “Listen, Devil’s Food has one too many orders for us to handle right now. I was hoping you guys could take on a cupcake-cake for a little girl’s birthday party?”

"Theme?" Roy asked simply.

"Oh! Uh, princesses and dragons..?" Danny replied.

Roy knew he’d been expecting to be mocked or strung along. (He loved Dick, really he did. But the man could be downright nasty if he wanted to be, if he was dealing with someone who ‘deserved it’, in his mind.) He didn’t like to take sides, especially not against Dick, so he did his best to stay neutral. “Sounds fun,” he said, wedging the receiver between his ear and his shoulder as he grabbed a lined yellow legal pad and a ballpoint pen from Dick’s desk. “Give me the details?”

He jotted them down as Danny recited the delivery address, client name and phone number, and the exact details of the party theme. Roy had no problem taking on the orders that Devil’s Food Bakery couldn’t handle just yet. Unlike a lot of people currently working under Dick Grayson, he remembered when The Baking Graysons was just an offshoot of a popular local restaurant itself and they’d all been struggling — first to make a name for themselves, and then to keep up with demand.

"Thank you," Danny said, in that pathetically grateful tone he seemed to use a lot with Roy these days. Roy didn’t like it, not exactly; he remembered a Danny who had been different. More self-assured, for one thing. This Danny was prone to putting on an act to please people, in order to get what he wanted.

Maybe he was just growing up. It was probably a useful skill for him.

Roy replied, “You’re welcome. Damian’s gonna love this one.”

"Yeah, that’s—" Danny cut himself off, and his tone was much more neutral when he continued, “That’s what Jason thought.”

"Well, he’s right." Roy said briskly. "Anyway, call Mr. Reyes and let him know we’re taking it on, okay?"

"I will. Listen, the price I quoted him was probably lower than… well…"

"What was it?" Roy asked. Danny told him, and then said,

"We’ll pay the difference. Don’t charge him more than that, but we’ll—"

"Don’t worry about it." Roy assured him. Devil’s Food Bakery’s prices were lower than theirs, but he wasn’t going to alienate the customer by upcharging, and it didn’t feel right taking money from a friend for helping him out. Even if he and Danny hadn’t been particularly close. "Go make that call."

Danny espoused a few more relieved, grateful praises to Roy, and then disconnected the line. As Roy hung up, he looked over to the doorway and saw Dick standing there.

"Who was that?"

"New order," Roy answered, flashing the legal pad at Dick. "Overflow from Devil’s Food."

Dick frowned.

"Just one. Don’t stress, shortpants," Roy said breezily. "I’m going to grab Little D for this one."

"Let me see that."

"No, Dick." Roy shook his head. "We take on these orders for the customers, not because we want to undermine you or anything, okay?”

Dick winced. He shouldn’t be surprised. He was pretty sure that every employee who had been present on the day he’d found out about Jason and Eddie ‘jumping ship’ for their own bakery remembered, very clearly, how he’d ranted and raved — a fit of angry betrayal that had culminated in firing Danny Chase for the ‘crime’ of being their friend.


"Don’t even worry about it, Dick. I’ve got this handled. You get a call from Alberto Reyes, you let me talk to him."

"…All right." Dick said with a nod. "I’ll do that."

Now wasn’t the time to talk about it. But Dick was pretty sure he was going to get an earful after hours, probably on the ride home because Roy never liked it when Lian could hear them arguing. He watched Roy stride into the main kitchen area and sighed.

Stupid little brother and his stupid friends.

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