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...was at least a salvation from the shitty casting of T3. Christian Bale's portrayal of John Connor probably comes the closest to what I've been building John up in my head as since T2. He felt more like a reasonable 'stop' between Edward Furlong and Michael Edwards (as seen in T2) than Mister Blondy McBlond Blond, Nick Stahl. (Yes, I'm still bitter.)

Bryce Dallas Howard did very well taking over the Kate Brewster character as well. Whereas in T3, Claire Danes' Kate was almost always terrified and shrill, Howard's Kate is competent and focused. It shows a lot of growth. I was never too fond of Kate in T3, but I think that they allowed us to see enough of a kickass Kate in T4 that I might grow to really like her.

I don't think this was an awesome film, but it was a good one. Miles better than the inferior sequel that is T3. I had some issues with the Resistance setup, and at least one of John's speeches, and there were some editing problems. (Including one horribly ADR'd line near the beginning, completely unnecessary.) I just tried to keep in mind that this film was set 11 years before the TDE was developed and deployed (when Kyle claims, in the first film, that "we'd won"), and there is the possibility of other films to fill the gap.

...and maybe we can see the development of phased plasma rifles? ^_^

The references to past films made me a happy fangirl. John fighting and crawling away from the torso of a Terminator endo? Eee hee hee hee, yes!

Kyle saying "Come with me if you want to live" I could see coming, but still very yay. I'm a monster dork, but the T-600 attack that precedes the line had me grinning like a fool and thinking of the T-70s from Terminator 2: 3D/Battle Across Time.

Some of the human survivors, the non-Resistance people, just made me sad. Like, all these people die, and hillbilly jerkwads whose first thought upon seeing a woman is to intimidate and maybe rape her -- they're the ones who survive? Really? Fucking really? (Yes, really, which is rather realistic, I suppose, given that we can't all suddenly be noble because we're fighting a war. Still, sad and mad and incredibly glad that they got what was coming to them.) The survivors who holed up at the 7-11 confused me, too, with their stupidity. I know that it was plot-motivated, for those people and Kyle and Star to be captured. However, had the whole lot of them NOT jumped out with guns and threats, Marcus and Kyle and Star would have just kept moving, and the 7-11 survivors would have still had their safe place. *sigh*

The reveal of the T-800 Model-101 had me grinning and silently cheering (the theme music keying up when they panned up its body was unnecessary, but fucking cool nonetheless). And the call-back to the stairs in the factory scene from Terminator -- basically an under-the-stairs shot with the T-800 endo climbing up -- had me literally flailing with squee.

On the other hand--
Kate: What do I tell them when they realize you're gone?
John: (pause) I'm Batma -- I'll be back.
-- that was like Engineer Olson from new!Trek...I knew it was coming, and my reaction was pretty much: "oh haha, very funny guys; very nice. Moving on."

Richard got me giggling when John hijacks and reprograms a moto-Terminator. He leaned over to me and said in my ear, "This is my new Bat-Cycle."

Also I have to say that John picked up the Idiot Ball, falling for the T-800's "Help me, John! It's Kyle; help me!" trick. Though he did have his gun out and shot right away once he realized it was the Terminator, so it was a recoverable error. John also touched the Idiot Ball when he broadcast a plea that the Resistance not follow Command's orders and attack Skynet's main base. Overall, he did well, but he pleaded with them not to attack to "save our future", when he COULD HAVE and probably SHOULD HAVE said "save our loved ones" or "save the people who were taken" -- something a little more tangible than "our future". It would be a little bit more believable that the Resistance would rally behind John in that case, particularly since he was appealing to their humanity at the time.

And finally "strength of the human heart"...way to hit us over the head with your themes, scriptwriters. Haha.


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