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...and she falls somewhere in between loving and hating it.

It's a cool movie, no doubt. There are some parts where it hits the mark and delivers something funny, awesome, or referential to the old series. And there are some parts where I mentally went, "Bzuh?! Is that supposed to be 'Trek'?"

Original series, my favorite characters were McCoy, Uhura, Sulu, and Spock. In new!Trek, I liked what we saw of McCoy (but there was not enough, sadly) and I adored Sulu. Spock was...very, very un-Spock-like to me. I enjoyed some of his 'moments', but new!Spock is so different from TOS!Spock that I can't really compare them.

I think they completely fucked up with the writing of Uhura. It seems to me like today's script writers don't know how to write the kind of person that Uhura is -- a beautiful, confident, intelligent, mature woman who is unapologetically female and feminine. Instead, new!Uhura came across as a beautiful, confident, intelligent, bitchy tough-girl. I am incredibly saddened by this. I'm not sure if the deficiency is in me or in the new portrayal of the character, but as someone who both looked up to Nichelle Nichols and admired the character that she helped create, I just...feel a loss. I will try to explain more if I can.

Okay, you've been warned by the cut-text. There will be spoilers here!

The Bad
1) Spock/Uhura
Way to make Uhura look like she was trying to get on the Enterprise just to be near her boytoy, writers. Way to completely FAIL at conveying their mentor/mentee relationship from the original series. I felt so damn dirty watching them kiss on the transporter pad, because the focus was on smirky Kirk's *gasp* realization that Uhura wasn't into him 'cause she was into Spock! (Rather than realizing that maybe she wasn't in to him because he was an arrogant skirt-chaser who thinks he's God's gift to women.)

Personally, if it were up to me, and I had to write Spock/Uhura into the new!Trek films, I think I would have delayed the revelation until maybe the second film. It's like...on top of everything else you're changing, you throw Uhura at Spock??? What?

2) Everyone was much younger than their original series selves
It was so weird and jarring. Damn that time-travelling Romulan! I'm desperately trying to reshuffle the timeline in my head and figure out how many years ahead of the "original five year mission" we are.

3) It kind of felt like the point was to get everyone who was on the Enterprise in the original universe back onto the Enterprise in the new universe.

4) What was with new!Scotty's weird little alien friend?
(On a positive note, I was not much for original Scotty but I loved Simon Pegg's version of him. "I LIKE this ship!" ^_^)

The Good
1) If you think about it, two people saved the day -- McCoy got Kirk onto the Enterprise when he would have otherwise been stuck on Earth, and Sulu was too nervous to do everything right the first time that Captain Pike told him to go into warp toward Vulcan (which was a plot-motivated mistake; it allowed the Enterprise to arrive at Vulcan after the Romulans thought they wiped out the fleet, and save what they could of the planet's population).

2) The in-jokes were pretty much all funny.
a) "I don't need a doctor; I am a doctor!" was a great intro for McCoy and a nice spin on his old catchphrase...though we knew the oldie was coming in that scene on the bridge...and speaking of oldies....
b) I winced when I heard that Engineer Olson was part of the away team...knowing exactly what was in store for him when I saw his red suit.
c) I think I saw Nurse Chapel near the end... ^_^

3) Hikaru Sulu -- him and his confounding collapsible katana!
(I assume it's an offshoot of transporter technology, like the Spock's World solution for fresh coffee beans, beaming it somewhere and "purposely aborting the upload in mid-transport, but holding the [item's] completely analyzed pattern in solids until wanted". I think if the blade truly was collapsible, it would be too weak to use as weaponry. And I call it an offshoot because the effect for it was different from the transporter effects.)

Overall, I'm not sure if I like the film, or the new universe it sets up. I am intrigued, but I'm being pulled in two directions by my reactions.
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