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...dress up in costume to go see "Star Trek" tomorrow. I don't know if I could find red or blue stretch velour and a pattern in time, though. (I definitely wouldn't be able to find that avocado/gold color of fabric.) So I am hand-stitching an Enterprise patch on some scrap interfacing. I don't know if I want the science insignia or the Nurse Chapel insignia (which is basically the science with a red cross stitched on it). I know I don't want the command (as seen on Kirk and Sulu) and I can't decipher the engineering one.

I'd probably fuck up the stitching on the cross. The black border stitching looks good, and I don't want to completely ruin what is starting out as a good thing. In any case, I have to get some gold metallic (or at least yellow) thread at JoAnn, and perhaps I can price the fabric and a sewing machine. (I've been dreaming about getting one for a while now.) I will probably just pin the insignia to my shirt for now -- it's rather small and unobtrusive anyway. Just a practice run, really. I will be sure to show it off when I am done.

on 2009-05-09 18:25 (UTC)
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no matter what you wear.


on 2009-05-09 20:14 (UTC)
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^_^ I'm so excited! I've always been a big fan of the original series.

on 2009-05-09 19:52 (UTC)
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I'm seeing it tonight! \o/

I want to see this costume...eventually. Don't kill yourself trying to get it together in one day! I'm sure you'll have another opportunity to wear it as the fandom will no doubt explode...cons everywhere...etc.

on 2009-05-09 20:17 (UTC)
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Well, I couldn't get it together because the fabric store didn't have anything that would have worked. Someday soon, though! Maybe if I can find a vintage 60s minidress pattern.

I just need to finish up the insignia on my little patch, and then I'll take some pictures of it, so you'll see it there.

And actually, I am a little worried about the fandomsplosion...I forsee a lot of bad fanfiction on the horizon! >_


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