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Just got done watching *REC. I had to install VLC player to watch it; Windows Media Player absolutely would not detect that .srt file for the subtitles. The subtitles had a few spelling errors, and a couple instances where the character code for end-quotation marks showed up instead of the mark itself.

Yes, I fixed it. Editor to the bone.

I feel a little sick -- there were several times that Pablo (the cameraman) was running or swinging the camera around, so one hour and fifteen minutes of occasional wild camera movements have made my stomach a little upset. Not surprisingly, I suppose, the gore itself did not bother me.

And the first infected person that got shot and (supposedly) went down? I kept my eyes on them the entire time they were in the background...only to have nothing happen then. ^_^ Perhaps I've been watching too many zombie movies. I still startle when there are sudden loud noises or movements but that's an ingrained response.

I liked this movie a lot. It was more realistic than most zombie movies (particularly in comparison to the insanity that is Wild Zero), and I was quite intrigued to see another foreign, non-American view on zombies. (Wild Zero is Japanese, and camp as hell.)

I also have Quarantine -- which I'll have to wait to watch; can't risk eyestrain or a more upset stomach (we're out of Pepto). I'm quite intrigued with it, though. The same actress who plays "Deb" on the TV show Dexter is the reporter in Quarantine; Deb is my least favorite character on that show, so I'll quite enjoy watching her have a meltdown. ::wicked smile::
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