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Title: Unlike / Like
Author: D.L.SchizoAuthoress
Rating: G
Spoilers: probably none, lol
Warnings: none
Prompt/Fill: none
Word Count: 215
Summary: Musings on attractiveness.
Note: Zevran Arainai/Male Aeducan pairing (Non-Binary and Assigned Male at Birth, actually, but I know how fandom categorizes)
Word of the Day: glissade, noun:
1. A skillful glide over snow or ice in descending a mountain, as on skis or a toboggan.
2. Dance. A sliding or gliding step.

Unlike / Like

Zevran isn't built like a dwarf. In fact, he's probably the furthest from being dwarflike that Gylaw has yet seen -- slim and tall (well, to Gylaw, everyone is tall) instead of broadly built and compact. His limbs look far too long for his body, and his narrow shoulders and hips don't seem like they'd have any strength to them. His features are all far more pointy or tapered than the solid good looks of other people that Gylaw has been attracted to before.

And yet... Gylaw likes the mocking lilt of Zevran's voice when he jokes, even if Gylaw themself is the target. They like the way that Zevran's eyes dance with mischief. They like watching Zevran leaping into the middle of a fray, blades and body dancing out of darkspawn reach after drawing blood. They like the touch of those slender, long fingered hands on their shoulder after a battle.

So Gylaw tucks themself against Zevran's side as the two of them sit beside the fire, and they smile. They didn't expect to like an elf as much as they do... but then again, Zevran has become more than just "an elf". He's an ally, a friend...

Zevran slides an arm around Gylaw's shoulders, and Gylaw allows themself to consider -- maybe someday... something more.
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